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Shantelle King Music Artist

About Shantelle King

Future Soul Music.

It wasn’t long before Shantelle King realized that a career in music was exactly what they wanted in life. Surrounded by a family of musical talents, Shantelle King brings an original and innovative approach to their work, including a rare integration in black female R&B music of mental health awareness and self-care.


Shantelle King is an R&B Singer-Songwriter with distinctively jazzy and rhythmic undertones, from West Yorkshire, UK. Her ethereal vocals and harmonies combined with the jazzy undertones create an enticing and unique sound, which has captivated and silenced live audiences across Yorkshire, Greater Manchester and Poland.


Shantelle has released her latest single, Summer Nights, on 31st May 2021, which she classes as her official debut single as a UK Independent Artist.  Here's what she had to say about the process:

"'Summer Nights' was created in a small voice-over studio in Manchester, UK. Thankfully, I found my way back into music as a means to express myself after experiencing writer's block for a year. After witnessing the positive responses to my short Instagram clip of an original song during a tumultuous time, I decided to transform it into an official, released song - hence, Summer Nights. My lovely session musicians were actually Uni mates who I used to jam with back at University - a luvleh bunch." 

Summer Nights has since had 6 radio plays, and has featured on BBC Introducing and BBC Radio 1.

Summer Nights is all yours to stream now and don't forget to check out her other single, Take Time, originally written and released for her Music University dissertation!

Catch all the updates as Shantelle King progresses through her music career.

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